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SAP Business One Counting/Stock Checking

If you run a wholesale distribution company, because the complexity of your business increases, so too does the degree of inventory.

When a posh business runs simple software to manage their inventory, there’s always the potential for human error.

Why is Inventory Cycle Counting Important?

Some businesses will attempt to operate without a true inventory counting system

and plenty of don’t appreciate the worth of accurate inventory records.

For instance, an organization may only address negative on-hand balances.

In many instances, if you have got bill of materials (BOM) all negative items must be counted due to the cascading effects of the error. 

Another scenario is that components in a list are counted after production when the quantities available are low. 

With this method, high-value components won’t be counted

as often as low-value components. Human bias may also cause issues.

for instance, your employees may count when inventory records are at zero because it seems easier.

However, at any number there are often discrepancies, not just zero.

How Can SAP Business One Counting/Stock Checking Help?

The SAP Business One enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provides businesses with checks

and balances to confirm accurate inventory management.

Inventory Counting/Stock Check enables businesses to test the correctness of the stock

that’s kept at the executive level against the stock that’s present within the company’s warehouse. 

SAP Business One can help your business by offering standardized functionality

for inventory counting which reduces guess work, bias, and human error. 

to test the correctness of the stock that’s kept at the executive level against the stock that’s present within the warehouse. 

Inventory counting (or stock taking) is crucial to any company that manages a list, be it perpetual or periodic. 

By matching the particular inventory to the quantities saved within the database,

companies can adjust existing inventory records, detect unusual

or unacceptable discrepancies, and improve inventory management. 

SAP Business One provides the standardization you wish

once your operations become more complex than your business management software can handle.

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Time Tracking Important for Professional Services With SAP B1

Meanwhile, engineering firms are working to harness renewable energy. The goal? 

Dynamic, energy-efficient urban landscapes and democratized access

to advanced medical technologies and sustainable healthcare. 

Underlying this technology can be a person’s element,

as solving the world’s most complex challenges requires human ingenuity.

Behind every feat of technology is an engineering services firm’s managers, engineers, and field workers.

The importance of their interactions with technology can’t be understated

if they’re to understand their goals and deliver groundbreaking solutions. 

There are a lot of clients using the wrong business management technology. 

These firms struggle with inefficient processes, production bottlenecks, project billing,

budget forecasting, and more – all of which end in lost opportunities. 

The fail down happen when departments can’t communicate and systems lack automation and seamless workflows. 

Employee innovation and productivity stall when accurate, real-time

information for decision-making is trapped within the incorrect software.

Professional Services Industry With SAP B1

One of our customers, approached IT-SBO seeking solutions to the challenges preventing them from operating profitably.

Clients looking for the best options to fix compromised structures, thereupon model,

the Client Architects requires reliable data and process management in time tracking,

employee performance, project management, and customer invoicing.

Our Client was using an imaginative home-grown system

that lacked functionality and couldn’t integrate with their accounting solution.

While the IT team tried sharing data across the two systems via QuickBooks’s Open Database Connectivity (ODBC),

they were unable to induce accurate data.

as an example, the accounting software couldn’t automatically generate an invoice

from the knowledge within the project management system.

This forced employees to waste time on process workarounds. 

Self-Service Access to SAP B1 

The Client is people-driven. When their experts are billable, the company does well. 

After implementing SAP Business One with IT-SBO custom Employee Portal,

the company’s operational efficiency improved exponentially.

Today, employees have little to undertake and do regarding time entry

because the system knows which tasks are billable versus non-billable.

PTO is an automatic output derived from data entered into the Time

and Services module. As a company, they reduced their billable inefficiency from 10% to 5, giving them 3% more revenue.

and perhaps most importantly, The Client can now analyze information more efficiently,

as all data lives in one system’s database: SAP Business One

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SAP Business One Removes the large Data Problem in Batch Traceability

We’ve all heard about ‘big data’ and also the challenges of SAP Business One Data Problem analyzing large volumes of business information.

There are problems with data capture, storage, search, analysis, and visualization (to name a few).

you may think batch traceability is a clear inclusion in any modern business management solution, but it isn’t always a customary feature.

Batch traceability may be a complex, multi-dimensional industry challenge that affects many parts of the business. 

When rummaging through your batch record, big data is like searching for a needle in an exceedingly haystack.

and visualization (to name a few). 

you may think batch traceability is a clear inclusion in any modern business management solution, but it isn’t always a customary feature.

Batch traceability may be a complex, multi-dimensional industry challenge that affects many parts of the business. 

When rummaging through your batch record, big data is like searching for a needle in an exceedingly haystack.

Dealing with the Inevitable Product Recall ( SAP Business One Data Problem )

SAP Business One, includes powerful traceability features.

Those features make sure you can sift through your data for increased visibility

while minimizing the price and time of study to form timely and educated decisions.

By choosing SAP Business One, you’re placing a heightened specialize in the freshness, quality, and transparency of your products.

If you’re a company, SAP Business One can handle that, too.

Its included serial number traceability tracks your products accurately through all stages and manages Unique Device Identifications (UDIs).

It also guarantees traceability and empowers you to properly and efficiently manage a recall.

SAP Business One Data Problem, a whole Business Management Solution

SAP Business One may be a complete ERP solution that integrates the traceability technology with all of your core business functions:

financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, operations, and more. 

IT-SBO experience with companies within the food and beverage

and pharmaceutical industries means you get world-class expertise working for you. 

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How to Solves Your Supply Chain Problems ?

Supply Chain Problems – You may find your business suffering in multiple areas,

with inefficient processes impacting your operations and provide chain down the road.

to totally optimize your supply chain and achieve meeting your customers’ expectations

with respect to delivery, quality, and consistency,

you wish a warehouse intelligence dashboard that pulls data into set KPIs

to assess the health of your business and make key decisions to assist it stay track.

five of the highest business growth challenges that you simply stand to beat with a WMS solution today.

First Supply Chain Problems Casting a Wider Net Through Order Management

Your customers expect to be ready to conduct business with you within the channel they like.

While you’ll obey by phone, fax, and email, these methods require manual data entry

and increase the possibilities of errors in orders.

What’s more, any added constraint in doing business together with your company

may provides a customer in your supply chain reason to appear to the competition

for more convenient and modern methods of doing business.

How easily your current business management solution will integrate

with web portal solutions to increase reach can impact a business’s ability to win new business.

Aside from the strategy of customer order entry, order management,

the kind of warehouse that you simply operate requires an answer with the pliability to adapt to your style.

WMSs like SAP Business One are built upon mature, extensible software giving businesses the power to seamlessly integrated web based-portals,

which is able to further extend access to the present information through a secure web portal.

Second Supply Chain Problems Inventory and Traceability

Highly regulated industries, whether it’s food and beverage, life sciences,

or pharmaceuticals, have to be ready to track their products throughout the availability chain,

providing traceability and a full audit trail to befits government and industry guidelines. 

SAP Business One WMS optimizes inbound and outbound logistics

and enables businesses to satisfy regulatory requirements for traceability,

all the while delivering cost savings to the business.

Your warehouse manager might want to manage inventory when more inventory arrives within the warehouse to prioritize it upon multiple criteria.

for instance, they’ll want to settle on allocation supported a sales order grid.

With older WMS systems, they could be ready to perform some basic functionality,

but in SAP Business One for WMS solution, users have access to a sturdy WMS

that connects with SAP Business One’s centralized inventory database.

This provides accurate information about inbound and outbound shipments, inventory, and item location.

you’ll value inventory using standard costing, moving average, FIFO,

and other methods; monitor stock levels; and track transfers – bushed real-time.

Third Supply Chain Problems Complying with Industry Standards

In an industry built around getting the correct product out the door as efficiently as possible,

it’s no wonder that compliance standards still change and evolve?

Can your business keep step with the most recent industry legislation?

If you can’t sustain with other business, you would possibly lose out business to others within the supply chain ready to guarantee compliance and instill trust.

You’re likely already aware of GS1, a worldwide standardization body within the supply and demand chain

maybe your current solution supports it, or even it doesn’t. But let’s say you’re within the food and beverage or medical device industry,

does your business have support for things like Product Traceability Initiative (PTI)?

whether or not your current WMS provides support for current industry standards,

what about tomorrow?

As more standards get put into place in your industry,

how quickly you’ll respond can form the premise of competitive advantage against competitors that are slower to react.

Businesses need an answer with a product road map that keeps pace with new standards in your industry.

If the wealth of recent features seen within the release of SAP Business One version 9.3

is any indication, SMEs considering SAP Business One for his or her next WMS solution will have an answer for the long-term.

Equipping Your Warehouse Workers with the correct Tools

Supply Chain Problems – No more paper pick lists already.

Mobilizing your workforce inside the warehouse could be a no-brainer,

and this is often another area where SAP Business One WMS delivers.

A well-equipped workforce is empowered to induce answers to questions instantly.

Reduce manual data entry errors entering your inventory database

and have employees spend longer getting the task done instead of scratching their heads and checking in with the warehouse manager. 

SAP Business One WMS offers a seamless user-experience that connects your employees to your enterprise.

Successfully Grow and Manage Your Warehouse, together with the remainder of Your Business

Out of the box, you have got access to business area features

and functionality like project management, CRM, in addition as warehouse management.

So as your business continues to grow, these features are able to accommodate

your business process expansion without the requirement to switch the answer.

The benefit being that the software grows together with your company

instead of having to maneuver to a different platform

or buying additional software down the road to support key business processes

that you simply need tomorrow. From accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer relationships, and project management,

to operations and human resources. Besides WMS features,

SAP Business One helps you to streamline processes, gain a greater insight into your business

so you’ll act fast and make decisions supported real-time information

all to assist you drive profit and business expansion.

How will we fix these problems, while driving an efficient process throughout the provision chain?  

  • Real-time access to quality data, providing you with increased visibility throughout your supply chain Management and sales teams get an accurate, real-time picture of assorted stages of shipment to trace goods and replenish orders. this enables an on-the-go order management system, further as quicker, more efficient problem-solving.
  • Reduced warehouse labor costs because of efficient labor allocation Managers can obtain comprehensive reports on all activities happening within the warehouse, with the accurate data an KPIs provided allowing a requirement forecast to indicate the labor required, when, where, and for a way long. Employee management is simplified, and downtime is reduced. Streamlined warehouse processes The WMS facilitates recording inventory and efficiently locating items for onward shipping or assembly. 

Optimized warehouse layout

  • With a WMS helping you to optimize your processes, you’ll be able to examine your warehouse layout and improve the ease-of-access to permit for smoother picking processes. Make a faster turnaround within the inventory department. 
  • Improved warehouse flexibility and responsiveness. This reduction in human error and administration time allows a faster, more appropriate response to sudden changes, errors, or upheavals that will occur. Knowing exactly what stock you’ve got there (and where that stock is found in your warehouse) helps you identify missing stock immediately and ultimately reduces warehouse theft. These impacts all contribute to an optimized warehouse which runs smoothly, has greater quality output, and delivers on KPIs consistently and efficiently. With the warehouse running at an optimum, the impacts are visible across your business in your sales capabilities, financial planning accuracy, and customer service. The secondary impacts of your WMS across your supply chain.
  • Accurate demand-forecasting at any given point in time, previous data may be recovered and accustomed help management make strategic decisions which drive business growth. To accommodate busy periods.
  • Improved supplier relationships, service levels with your suppliers delivering on time, your warehouse working efficiently, and your forecasts up so far and as accurate as possible.
  • The ability to implement an ongoing optimization strategy Time is everything in a very warehouse: time to look at processes, time to vary up your methods, time to coach employees, and time to confirm a high-quality product reaches your customers.

A Warehouse Management System

Supply Chain Problems – reduces time spent on internal control, staff management and space management of products,

so you’ll be able to focus your energies on team building, training, and process optimization. 

After of the implementation of a Warehouse Management System

is solely “REDUCE OVERHEADS”. To be able to justify your investment, you wish to work out the ROI.

All of the above impacts serve to cut back your expenditure, whether or not it’s on your labor complement, storage, inventory, poor supplier relationships, or addressing customer complaints. 

Typical improvements and savings which will be achieved with a successful implementation of a WMS are along the lines of: 

Supply Chain Problems

  • Labor utilization 10-45%
  • Inventory reduction 5-40%
  • Warehouse utilization 10-40%
  • Picker productivity 10-50%
  • Shrinkage 50-99+%
  • Increase shipping accuracy to 99%
  • Increase supplier conformance 99% +
  • Customer service 10-50%
  • Increased inventory availability 10-50%
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How SAP Food and Beverage Solution Support Food Industry

Food and Beverage Solution industry have flourished mostly within the recent years involving more and more customers to participate.

This industry is exploding the worldwide demand and thereby resulting in a rapid rise within the food prices. 

The key challenges faced by this industry include increased demand for variety and innovation, low-profit margins, product traceability and quality governmental regulation. 

SAP Business One for Food and Beverage Solution helps all told aspects of producing and distribution within the industry.

This ERP software looks upon the present specific requirements of the food industry and provides industry-specific solutions. 

Following business functions of Food and Beverages Solution Companies are covered in SAP Business One Solution: 

  • Recipe Management and Formulation
  • Production Scheduling
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management – Bin Management
  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Yield and Scrap Management
  • Quality Control
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Product Costing
  • Co-Products Management
  • Complaints and repair Management
  • Import and Export Management 

How SAP Business One Can Help In your Food and Beverages Solution Business: 

This solution provides integrated sales, purchase, manufacturing, finance and operations within one system.

SAP B1 supports multiple ways of producing products with various recipes.

It helps in controlling the whole process of production, packaging and distribution by efficiently managing stock.

Using this technique, you’ll control items or ingredients throughout the full value chain automatically thereby reducing manual workloads.

This system reduces interruptions and machine breakdowns by better planning of resources.

It optimizes the assembly capacity and income in real-time by improving collaboration between production and distribution departments.

The solution helps in managing inventory across multiple warehouses

and bin locations and provides full traceability with serial and batch numbers and expiration dates.

With use of fabric Requirement Planning (MRP) feature, products’ seasonal planning and forecasting is done.

Improves visibility of raw materials and add process efficiently with ease in handling returns of products, complaints and after-sales service management.

SAP B1 provides easy integration with Universal Product Code technologies

It also helps in managing a totally integrated internal control system to stay a continuing check on the delivered products.

Allows businesses to spot trends quickly and make better decisions using the easy-to-use built-in tools.

The system provides integration with government regulations for food safety, packaging, taxes, nutrition labeling and environmental protection. 

SAP Business One Business Benefits for Food and Beverage Solution

  • Accountability of the whole supply chain from vendor to customer
  • Favorable cost calculation
  • Flexible multi-level margin calculation
  • Support for GMP guidelines and industry-specific legal standards
  • Easy management of by-products and co-products
  • Reduced errors and ordering time which ends up in on time delivery

Increase in customer satisfaction level.

Expiry Date Management what is Means for SAP Life Sciences Manufacturers

Expiry Date Management overview

Expiry Date Management of batch numbers entails tracking groups of items with unique numbers and characteristics that have been combined in a single batch, such as pharmaceutical products.

For each batch, you define item quantities, as well as additional properties, such as expiration date, location in warehouse, and so on, that are related to the batch.

The work method is as follows: during inventory receipt transactions you create batches for items requiring batch management, and during inventory release transactions you select a certain quantity from the relevant batch.

Batch management enables you to update existing batches for an item.

You can sweep the batches and add or change batch details.

In addition, you can enter batches for received items if you did not do so when generating marketing and stock entry documents.

However, this is only possible if your company allows receiving into stock items without a batch number

You can define the default batch management method and batch status settings for new batch items.

From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose Administration→ System Initialization→ General Settings→ Inventory tab→ Items tab.

default batch management method

From the Expiry Date Management Method dropdown list

select one of the following methods for assigning serial numbers and batch-managed numbers to items:

  • On Every Transaction: Definition of batches for an item is mandatory for every inventory transaction.
  • On Release Only: Definition of batches for an item is mandatory for inventory release transactions only. It is optional for other transactions

Expiry Date Management From the Basic Setting for Batch Status drop-down list, choose one of the following options:

  • Released: This status lets you work fully with the batch.
  • Locked: This status lets you work with the batch in inventory documents only. These documents include inventory transfers, goods, and production issues.
  • Not Accessible: This status defines batches in the mid-production process or during the quality check, and, therefore, such batches cannot be released in sales documents or in an A/P credit memo. However, they can be released in inventory documents, such as inventory transfers, in a similar way to a locked batch.

You must define each item you want managed by batches

From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose Inventory → Item Master Data → General tab.

item you want managed by batches

Expiry Date Management When you have items for which you have defined batch management in the Batches – Setup window, you can define batches for them when you create inventory receipt documents.

Inventory receipt documents include goods receipt POs, A/P invoices, goods receipts, and receipts from production with a positive initial quantity and a positive inventory posting.

Inventory receipt documents

Creating Strings for Batches:

Strings for Batches

The Batch Details Window:

Use this window to specify or update batch details for the item

Batch Details Window

Sending Back Items Managed by Batch Numbers:

The batches assigned to the specific customer who sends back goods are displayed by default in the Batch Number Selection window that opens from one of the following documents: return, delivery with a negative quantity, A/R invoice with a negative quantity, and A/R credit memo

The Selected Batches table displays the batches assigned to the base document in a return document based on a delivery and an A/R credit memo based on an A/R invoice.

Returns and A/R credit memos not based on a specific document display the batch numbers assigned to a specific customer.

The Display Delivered Batches field is displayed

You can choose to display batch numbers From Base Document or Related to Current BP, or you can choose All to display all the batch numbers in SAP Business One

batch numbers

Batch Number Transactions Report Linked to a Document:

After generating inventory receipt and inventory release documents, you can display the Batch Number Transactions report linked to the document by opening the required document and choosing

Printing Batch Numbers:

SAP Business One lets you print batch numbers as an integral part of the document details or as a separate page.

You can set default print templates for the marketing documents that relate to batch numbers. In those documents, you can print batch numbers as an integral part of the document details.

SAP road maps

“SAP Business One is a centerpiece of SAP’s strategy, and therefore, we are strategically investing. SAP Business One is absolutely strategic, we are fully committed to the next 10 or 20 years. We are making SAP Business One fit for the next generation, for the next decade, by enabling the digital services so the digital transformation can be done with SAP Business One.”

SAP road maps

Companies today are planning their digital journeys – transforming business models, reengineering business processes, and reimagining work.

SAP road maps highlight innovations that may help you plan and implement your digital journey. They span products relevant to lines of business in your industry and explain how our innovations may add value to your business.

You can learn about SAP innovations along four different timelines:

  1. Recent innovations, for our products that have been launched in the past weeks or months and can already be purchased.
  2. Planned innovations, for our products that are intended to be launched in the short term or midterm.
  3. Product direction, providing a long-term perspective on high-level development plans for innovations for our solutions – inspired by your requirements.
  4. Product vision, providing a high-level and long-term business perspective on innovations for our products.

Support Options are Available for SAP Business One After Goes Live

IT-SBO supports your business well beyond the initial implementation phase through the IT-SBO support department carried out through team of dedicated SAP Business One consultants that have extensive experience with SAP Business One.



The Annual Service Agreement is intended to provide maintenance in the form of first line support for the Application Software.

All written and verbal communication between the Licensor and Licensee in connection with Service Desk issues shall be in the English language, unless otherwise agreed between the parties in writing.


The Licensee shall:

  1. Follow the agreed Reporting Procedure when a fault occurs in the Application Software. The initial Reporting Procedures include phone, fax and/or email.
  2. Follow the instructions in the operation conventions manual and follow standard electronic data processing operating practices.
  3. Follow the Service Desk instructions given by the Licensor.
  4. Provide a communication line – remote access – for reception of solutions.

The Licensor shall:

  1. Provide a Service Desk facility during office hours as follows: 9:00 to 18:00
  2. Provide a notification receiving system for official holidays.
  3. Respond within 4 working hours of notification by the Licensee to any “critical issues”. A request of a general failure sent from a Licensee site will be treated as critical when designated as such.
  4. Level 1 and level 2 support are provided by licensor, however level 3 support will be provided by SAP through TruckLet  access to SAP support portal.


The Service Desk support provided under this Agreement is limited to addressing functional service issues, if any, for the application software.

Examples of issues that are excluded from the Service Desk support under this Agreement are as follows:

  1. Local network and/or wide area network problems at Licensee Site Location
  2. Interfaces not supplied by the Licensor
  3. Hardware upgrades and/or changes at Licensee Site Location not done according to the Licensor instructions.
  4. Configuration and/or malfunction of other systems connected to the Licensee computer systems and communication networks.
  5. Professional services associated with new SAP Business One release upgrades.
  6. Consultancy Services

The Licensor will be willing to assist in resolving such problems, if requested to do so by the Licensee, however, the Licensor will not be held liable to such problems.

How soon after the software is purchased can I start using it? What is the ideal time to implement certain products?

The true value of software comes when it is implemented and deployed correctly so that your staff and operations are more effective and your team has the information it needs to profitably make decisions and run the business.

IT-SBO provides the right balance of software, world-class consulting and support services to help our customers better manage their organization.

Our goal, every day, is to have you feel a sense of relief as we work side by side with you throughout your IT project, ensuring your company transitions to your new systems with minimal disruptions.

IT-SBO services team means you:

  • Get the right infrastructure required for your software needs
  • Reduce configuration time with our plug and play solutions
  • Simplify multi-vendor deployments
  • Insight into the latest IT developments and options
  • Decrease deployment time and rollout costs
  • Deliver on your company’s budget and timeline goals with predictable service agreements

With our world-class team of consulting experts, IT-SBO offers a simplified, yet comprehensive approach to SAP Business One implementation. Our professional services and proven methodology leverages industry best practices, more than 20 years of experience and hundreds of successful past implementations to ensure that your project is successful.

IT-SBO is the unique industry-leading support program offered to educate and assist users of SAP Business One. It allows customers to take full advantage of all SAP Business One functionality and maintain long-term value.

Your partnership with IT-SBO does not end at the implementation phase – we are here long term to maximize the value of SAP Business One and support your investment. The total care program goes above and beyond what you would typically find from other consulting firms, this program provides dedicated customer management, support and other customer enablement programs to ensure that your current and future employees learn the application quickly and become self-sufficient.

SAP Business One has a number of different ways in which it can be customized, adapted and integrated. IT-SBO consultants collaborate with you to understand how your business works and identify unique processes where SAP Business One customization can be made to better meet your company needs and industry requirements.

SAP Business One and Add-ons Scale


SAP Business One provides a scalable solution that not only meets your fundamental business management needs today, but can also be scaled to handled and increased number of transactions generated by a growing customer base.

There are a number of specific industry solutions (Add-ons) are certified from SAP joined to SAP Business One in different fields:

  • Manufacturing:

Beas (discrete and process business).

Process Force (Process business)

  • Retail:

iVend is the best retail solution with a lot of features:

POS, MC, Loyalty, Ecommerce, cloud subscription, handheld, hostility, and more..

  • Maintenance:

Variatec: this solution covered your needs of inside and outside maintenance with project budget and cost.

  • Fleet Management:

Aero One: covered operations, services, and

  • Marengo:

Projects Management.

  • Argents:

Apparel & Footwear Management

  • CKS:

Documents Management

  • Enterpryze:

Online platform to access SAP Business One throw mobile and web browser.

  • Health One:

Hospitals, Medical Centers, and Doctors reservations. 

  • Produmex:

Warehouse Management