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Business Development

With the rapid and continuous development of the local and global business, it became necessary for employers to set clear and specific strategies in order to move forward. IT-SBO Consulting Services offers all kinds of support to our clients to determine their objectives accurately as well as set appropriate strategy and detailed action plans to achieve these objectives.

Together with our clients, we work to develop their working systems and raise the professional and administrative performance levels starting from strategic planning moving through business management and ending with performance evaluation. This reflects positively on our partners’ growth rates.

Strategic Management Development Services:

Identifying the current situation of the company (the client).

Identifying the company’s targeted condition according to the objectives and current investment capabilities (the target).

Identifying and analyzing the gap between current and targeted condition.

Identifying a time plan to reach the target and determine tools and means that will be followed with our client before starting.

Having a guarantee period to support the client in any problems faced even after ending the project

We help our partner to:

  • Comprehensive restructuring.
  • Framing the future vision, unifying the values agreed on by the management, identifying the competitive advantage of the company within its field on the local and global market.
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats.
  • Identifying strategic alternatives to achieve the goals, as well as participate in setting the schedules and detailed plans to implement these strategies and goals.
  • Leadership development and support inside organizations.
  • Setting annual business plans and implementation plans.
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